70 X 7 LET IT GO

So I was doing the dishes and I was really annoyed and angry in a way at someone who said something hurtful to me. I shall not say what happened, or it would be awkward if she/someone who knows what happen reads this... haha. But I was thinking about how deep it cut me and … Continue reading 70 X 7 LET IT GO



So I was listening to a sermon from the pastor of Hillsong, Brian Houston like 5 minutes ago. And I feel like many of you need to hear this. JESUS HAS SET YOU FREE, STOP CONDEMNING YOURSELF. John 8 New Living Translation (NLT) A Woman Caught in Adultery 8 Jesus returned to the Mount of Olives, … Continue reading JESUS TAKES YOU AS YOU ARE.


I just saw something I wrote, maybe 6 months to a year ago and I thought I might share it. I was actually just gonna take a pic of it... but then. I LOVE YOU GUYS, so i'll spare you from my horrible hand-writing and bad quality camera. Yeah, so i have a few of … Continue reading More

Don’t let this be ‘another day’

"With every bone in my body, I WILL PRAISE HIM." Psalm 35 : 10 Wake up at 9, get dressed. Bible, notebook, phone, wallet, keys. check. Off to church again. Find a seat. Not too close to the stage, not too far away either. Stand up, sing a few songs, shake a few hands, drop … Continue reading Don’t let this be ‘another day’