Unconditional Love.

"God only loves you when you do good things." "God cant love me, I am horrible, I swear, I lie, I cheat, I lust, I curse, I fight, I wear skimpy clothes, I hate on people, I steal, I smoke, I am a rebel, I don't help people,I HAVE BROKEN ALL THE TEN COMMANDMENTS... I … Continue reading Unconditional Love.


Keeping the Sabbath day holy :D

"keep the sabbath day holy" - appears millions of times in the bible... but... i don't know about you, i don't really 'rest' on saturdays. Saturdays are actually my busiest day... Tuition in the morning, soccer in the afternoon and often dinners at family friends houses at night. But I don't think sabbath day is … Continue reading Keeping the Sabbath day holy 😀